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Norrköping, Sweden

Open HYPE Course 2017

4th - 6th September, 2017 in Norrköping (SMHI), Sweden.

Multi-basin modelling using local data in World-Wide HYPE

The 2017 open HYPE course was about the global HYPE model and its world-wide application. We presented the model structure and gave examples of model setup in different regions across the globe.


  • Improving an existing model setup for a part of the world (your area of interest will be delivered by SMHI)
  • Include your own input data (river flow observations, catchment delineation, routing, landuse, water bodies, forcing data P/T)
  • Calibration strategies and stepwise parameter estimation using multi-source data (provided by SMHI)


Customised Courses (upon request at agreed price)

Delivery of courses customised to suit particular preferences is possible - let us know what you are interested in by filling in the contact form below and we can provide a quote 

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