Open Databases

Data typeName of Data setProvider/Reference
Topography and routing"GWD-LR v1.2 [3arcsec]
-Flow direction
-Upstream area
-River width
Yamazaki et al., 2014
SRTM - Digital Elevation Database [3 arcsec}U.S. Geological Survey
HYDRO1K [30 arcsec]U.S. Geological Survey
Greenland Ice Mapping Project, GIMP[90m]Howat et al, 2015
IMO basin polygonsVeðurstofu Íslanda, 2016
Non- contributing Drainage areas AAFC Watersheds project - 2013Government Canada
WaterbodiesGlobal Lakes & Wetland Database, GLWDLehner & Döll, 2004
Global reservoir and Dam Database, GRanD v1.1Lehner et al. 2011
ESA CCI waterbodies [150m] v4.0ESA Climate Change Initiative - Land Cover project 2014
GWD-LR v1.2Yamazaki et al, 2014
LakeDepthsGlobal Lake Data base v2Kourzeneva, 2009
Forcing DataHydro-GFD 2.0Berg et al., 2018
Land cover, irrigation and crop typeESA CCI Land Cover, epoch 2010, v 1.6.1 [300m]ESA Climate Change Initiative - Land Cover project 2014
MIRCA2000Arendt et al., 2015
Global Map of Irrigation Areas, GMIASeibert et al., 2013
Randolph Glacier Inventory, RGI v 5.0Arendt et al., 2015
Greenland Glacier InventoryRastner et al, 2012
Discharge and catchment area Global Runoff Data Base, GRDBThe Global Runoff Data Centre, GRDC
European Water Archive, EWAThe Global Runoff Data Centre, GRDC
R-ArcticNet v 4.0University of New Hampshire, UNH
RIVDIS v1.1Vörösmarty et al., 1998
USGS-NWIS, national dataU.S. Geological Survey
HYDAT, national dataWSC (Water Survey of Canada)
Chinese Hydrology Data Project, CHDPHenck et al., 2011
Spain, national dataSpanish authorities
RESEAU HYDRO, CongoCICOS (International Commission for Congo-Ubangui-Sangha Basin)
ds553.2 Russian River Data Byron Bodo, 2000
Catchment areaSIEREMBoyer et al., 2006
La Plata basin regional dataCLARIS-project
CWC handbookCentral Water Commission, CWC
Hydrologic Reference Stations, national dataBOM (Bureau of Meteorology)
Red Hidrometrica SNHN 2013Servicio Nacional de Hidrgrafía Naval
Estacoes FluviometricaANA (Agencia Nacional de Aguas)
Red HidrometricaDGA (Direccion General de Aguas)
Catalogo Nacional de Estaciones de Monitoreo AmbientalIDEAM (Instituto de Hidrologia, Meteorologia y Estudios Ambientales)
Estaciones Hidrologicas Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia e Hidrologia
Peru, national dataSENAMHI (Servicio Nacional de Meteorologia e Hidologia del Peru)
Venezuela, national dataIGVSB (Instituto Geográfico de Venezuela Simon Bolivar)
Conabio 2008Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología del Agua/CONABIO
South Africa, national dataDepartment Water & Sanitation, Republic of South Africa
Mauritsius, national dataMauritsius Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities
Model performance World-wide HYPE v1.3.1 - 1981-2012
Monthly dischargeCalibrationValidation
No. of gauging stations*24752863
* The stations used for calibration and validation have a minimum of 10 years of observations within the period 1981-2012. They also have less than 10 % relative difference between the modelled and published catchment area.